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Leadership Seminar in Israel: Resilience and Counterterrorism

Leadership Seminar in Israel

ADL’s Leadership Seminar in Israel: Resilience and Counterterrorism provides a select number of American law enforcement officials with advanced education to prevent, prepare for and respond to terrorist threats and violence.

During this week-long seminar, participants study strategies developed by the Israel National Police (INP) to deter and disrupt terrorist attacks. The INP is recognized worldwide as one of the most experienced organizations in addressing terror and strengthening community resilience.

  • The Leadership Seminar (formerly known as the National Counter-Terrorism Seminar in Israel) was created in 2003 and is held annually.
  • Since its inception in 2003, nearly 200 different federal, state and local agencies across the U.S. have had leaders participate in the seminar to better serve their constituents back home and ensure safety and security for all.
  • ADL also has two regional Leadership Seminars which serve law enforcement in specific parts of the country.
  • Participants average fifteen per session to encourage small group dialogue.
  • The itineraries for the seminars include discussions on the evolving nature of terrorism and insights into how agencies improve protection for and engagement with the individuals and communities they serve.

The Leadership Seminar in Israel] was, without question, the best training that I’ve ever received in my life… And it has helped me in my career to help protect my district from terrorists.” – Chief of Police and Program Participant Share via Twitter Share via Facebook

ADL’s programs for law enforcement are designed to provide law enforcement with information and resources to protect all people and communities from extremist threats and violence, and to strengthen understanding of their role as guardians of the people they serve.

Leadership Seminar Participants Gain the Following:

  • Understanding of the challenges faced in communities and how to overcome them from meetings with senior officials from both Israeli and Palestinian law enforcement, as a well as academic experts, journalists and community representatives. 
  • Insights into best practices in information sharing, building societal resilience and quickly returning the country to a normal state of operations following terror attacks.
  • Deeper knowledge about how to thwart terrorism and protect community safety through briefings and site visits led by Israeli police commanders, intelligence experts and security officials.
  • Best practices for responding to active shooter situations and mass casualty attacks in their own U.S. communities.

Examples of Seminar Session Discussions Include:

  • Preventing and responding to terror attacks.
  • Protecting infrastructure, public places and public transportation; balancing fighting crime and terror.
  • Sharing information with the public to restore hope.
  • In the wake of a terror attack, the INP releases the specifics of events in a quick and direct manner. By providing the public with concrete information, the impact of terror is mitigated.
  • These sessions also include understanding how to work with the media in the wake of attacks.
  • Partnering with community liaisons to learn about the nuances of policing in a complex multicultural and multiethnic environment.
  • The INP safeguards diverse communities regardless of ethnicity, race or religion across Israel and works with community liaisons to establish communication and trust.

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*Note: Seminars do not involve military training or training by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

** Note: Itineraries vary slightly from session to session due to the availability of speakers and access to sites. For more than 15 years, ADL has given American law enforcement the opportunity to learn in Israel about the evolving nature of terrorism and how to ensure safety for civilian populations. Given its experience as a civil rights organization that works closely with law enforcement, ADL is in a unique position to facilitate these educational opportunities for American law enforcement with Israeli experts.

"We [participants] all agreed that this experience will make us better people, better law enforcement professionals and our cities will be safer based on the knowledge we gained." - Deputy Chief and Program Participant Share via Twitter Share via Facebook

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