Training Opportunities for Law Enforcement

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is the country’s most respected private authority on extremism, terrorism and hate crimes, and the leading nongovernmental trainer of American law enforcement on topics ranging from fighting extremism to building relationships with the communities they serve.

Below is a menu of training opportunities, which can be customized to meet an agency’s specific needs and interests. Unless otherwise noted, trainings are provided free of charge.

Extremism in the United States

  • Anti-Government Extremism
    Uncover the ideology, history and violent tactics of sovereign citizens, militia groups and other anti-government extremists.
  • Extremism and Hate in the U.S.
    This presentation explores the activity and tactics of extremist groups and movements from across the ideological spectrum.
  • Officer Safety and Extremism
    Learn why and how extremists target police officers and explore the most common officer safety situations involving extremists.
  • Responding to the Call: America's Terror Recruits
    Who are America's homegrown Islamist extremists, what threats do they pose, and what role does social media play in their radicalization?
  • The Changing Landscape of International Terrorism
    Learn about international terrorist organizations — from ISIS to Hezbollah — that pose a significant threat to American security.
  • White Supremacist Activity in the U.S.
    Learn to recognize America’s major white supremacist groups and the threat they pose to officer and public safety.

Capstone Leadership Programs on Extremism and Terrorism

  • ADL's Advanced Training School (ATS)
    Recognized as one of the country’s premier counterterrorism trainings, ATS provides chiefs and senior commanders with the latest expertise, information and resources to combat domestic and international terrorist threats. Sessions take place in Washington, DC. Participation is by application only.
  • ADL’s Leadership Seminar in Israel
    This week-long seminar in Israel provides a select number of senior American law enforcement leaders with insight into how Israel responds to terrorism, including best practices in information sharing, building societal resilience and quickly returning the country to a normal state of operations. Participation is by invitation only.

Helping You Better Serve Your Community

  • Law Enforcement and Society (LEAS)
    In this nationally acclaimed training program, run in partnership with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, law enforcement officers examine the role of police under the Nazis and the implications of this history for law enforcement today, focusing on the core values of the profession. LEAS is offered in numerous cities around the country.
  • Managing Implicit Bias for Law Enforcement
    This practical program for law enforcement professionals promotes fairness, equity and respect. Participants consider identity, culture, implicit bias, stereotyping and discrimination, and how these factors may affect their policing practices. Program fees apply.
  • Recognizing and Investigating Hate Crimes
    How do you know you’re dealing with a hate crime? This session helps federal, state and local law enforcement officers recognize hate crimes, understand their unique nature and community impact.