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Briefings on Extremism

Briefings on Extremism and Terrorism

Through identifying, exposing and disrupting hate crimes and extremist activity, ADL’s Center on Extremism (COE) leads this training to provide law enforcement with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • What motivates extremists and how they communicate.
  • How to respond to emerging threats from across the ideological spectrum.
  • How to track rapidly evolving terror tactics online and on the ground. 

About COE: 

COE is recognized as the nation's pre-eminent private authority on extremism and domestic terrorism. We provide law enforcement agencies with critical intelligence to disrupt acts of terror and educate law enforcement officers and agencies about emerging threats. We are acclaimed for the accuracy of our research and information, the broad range of our expertise and the quality of our trainings. We provide more extremism-related briefings to law enforcement than any other non-governmental organization.

Available Briefings Include:

  • Extremism & Hate Online: How extremists exploit social media and technology to reach, recruit and radicalize.
  • New Hate and Old: The Changing Face of American White Supremacy: An exploration of the Makeup, ideology and tactics of the white supremacist movement.
  • Officer Safety and Extremism: Learn why and how extremists target police officers and explore the most common officer safety situations involving extremists.
  • Responding to the Call: America’s Terrorist Recruits: Who are America’s homegrown Islamist extremists, what threats do they pose and what role does social media and technology play in their radicalization?
  • Incels and Violent Misogyny: So-called “involuntary celibates” continue to threaten and kill women. Where does this hatred come from? Where do incels fit in the larger extremist landscape?
  • Sovereign Citizens: Ideology, Tactics and Criminal Activity: What are the tactics, trends and criminal activity of the country’s largest anti-government extremist movement?
  • Symbols of White Supremacy: How white supremacists use hate symbols to identify themselves.
  • The Changing Landscape of Extremism in America: Charlottesville and Beyond: The state of the white supremacist movement post-Charlottesville, the challenges ahead and how to best address them.
  • Anti-Government Extremists: Uncover the ideology, history and violent tactics of sovereign citizens, militia groups and other anti-government extremists.
  • Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant Extremists: An in-depth look at the growing cottage industry of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigots and organizations in the U.S.

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Law Enforcement Partnerships