Words to Action® is an interactive education program designed to help Jewish youth and college students examine their identities and be equipped with constructive and effective responses to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel bias in their lives, including:

  • recognizing the implications of antisemitism on oneself and community;
  • responding to stereotypes and prejudice;
  • processing internalized antisemitism; and
  • situating antisemitism inside a broader matrix of oppression.

Words to Action® was created in response to a comprehensive survey of Jewish youth in New England conducted by ADL. The findings indicated that middle and high school youth were regularly experiencing antisemitic comments, taunts, harassment and graffiti in the halls and classrooms of their schools and in their neighborhoods and communities. Rather than standing up to this prejudice, many youth remained silent, both in the face of oppression and later, when they returned to their homes and families.

Recent ADL-commissioned focus groups of high school students confirm that antisemitism continues to be a part of the lives of Jewish youth today. Participants report hearing jokes and stereotypical remarks about Jews’ appearance, customs and behaviors; seeing swastikas on school desks, bathroom walls and locker doors.

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