In light of the increase of antisemitism across the United States and abroad, ADL calls on all workplaces to update their policies, procedures, and practices to address antisemitism at work and in society. Companies should heed the call of the U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism by incorporating antisemitism in DEI efforts, updating religious accommodations, and supporting the development of Jewish employee groups in corporate, non-profit, and government workplaces. As demonstrated by the Shine A Light campaign, workplaces are beginning to recognize the need to address antisemitism, and we ask them to take this pledge.

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ADL at Work

Learn how we work with businesses and organizations of all types to provide antisemitism education programming and resources to help workplaces create inclusive spaces where all employees can thrive.


Call to America's Workplaces to Adopt Pledge

Read ADL's Press Release, June 9, 2023.


Upon signing up, workplaces will have 12 months to address the actions outlined in the pledge.

Absolutely. ADL is committed to ensuring that all companies and organizations, regardless of size, can actively combat antisemitism. We can work with your team to determine your company's capacities and feasible actions. ADL offers several resources to fulfill the pledge actions successfully.

That’s okay! All workplaces differ in the ways that they ensure a safe and secure environment for their Jewish employees. We strongly encourage all companies and organizations to consider this as an opportunity to create an ERG for Jewish employees.

ADL can provide resources to help you get started, such as Antisemitism 101 for the Workplace and ADL’s ERG Toolkit. In addition, we regularly convene ADL’s Jewish ERG network for informational webinars. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to and find out about the next available session. If creating a Jewish ERG is not possible currently, we recommend organizing an affinity group, communicating unequivocable support from leadership for Jewish employees and providing the opportunity for Jewish employees to engage with communities or networks outside of their workplace.

ADL is available to provide resources and guidance to help you navigate any potential questions. Your commitment to this pledge is essential, and our team will support you every step of the way.

Shine A Light is a national coalition initiative, spearheaded by several organizations including ADL, that raises awareness of antisemitism and promotes education and allyship during the holiday of Hanukkah (December 7-15, 2023). ADL has supported corporate engagement in Shine A Light for three years.

The Workplace Pledge is ADL’s response to the White House’s landmark 2023 U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism, which called on public and private employers to fight back against antisemitism through public statements and internal activities. The Pledge is a sincere commitment – to meaningfully incorporate policies and educational opportunities to combat antisemitism, and to speak out against hate. As a signatory of the pledge, your workplace will automatically be enrolled in the Shine A Light coalition campaign and have the opportunity to be included in publicity opportunities around the campaign.

Participating Pledge signatories will receive information about the Pledge communications strategy and success plan. Pledge signatories will be announced publicly in late October 2023.

Upon signing the pledge, companies will have 12 months to fulfill the required actions. We recognize that resources and capacities vary; ADL can provide tailored support and regular check-ins and milestones to help your workplace fulfill its commitment.

The official announcement, including the signatory list, will be announced on October 23, 2023. If you prefer not to be publicly acknowledged, please let us know and we will refrain from mentioning your company in public announcements.