Yavilah McCoy

Yavilah McCoy Headshot

Yavilah McCoy, is the CEO of the Diversity consulting group DIMENSIONS Inc.   Over twenty years, Yavilah has worked with a broad base of leaders and organizations to provide transformational resources for diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.  Yavilah is a pioneer of the Jewish diversity and equity movement and has been an activist and mentor for the empowerment of Jews of Color for most of her life. She brings a wealth of wisdom and experience in DEI consulting, non-profit management, philanthropy and engagement to her work and has partnered with numerous agencies to build strong, healthy organizations with measurable commitments to racial justice, equity and anti-oppression in practice.  Yavilah was voted one of “16 Faith Leaders to Watch” by the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC.  She is a certified coach for the Auburn Theological Seminary's Pastoral Coach Training Program and a fellow for their Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle.  Yavilah is a certified trainer for the” A World of Difference Institute,” the National Coalition Building Institute, and the National Center for Community and Justice. As a career Jewish professional, Yavilah directed the launch of the “Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project” for Combined Jewish Philanthropies and the Ruderman Family Foundation.  Yavilah was also the Director of Bronfman Philanthropy’s Curriculum Initiative (TCI) in Boston, where she provided educational consultancy to 600 prep schools across the nation.  Yavilah was one of the inaugural recipients of the Spielberg Foundation’s Joshua Venture Fellowship, and the founding director of Ayecha, one of the first nonprofit Jewish organizations to provide education and advocacy for Jews of Color in the United States.  Yavilah is a renowned national speaker, educator, and diversity practitioner and in celebration of the musical traditions passed down to her from three generations of her African-American Jewish family, is also the writer, producer and performer for the Jewish Gospel theatrical production “The Colors of Water.”