Yehudah Webster

Director, B'Nai Mitzvah Campaign; Community Organizer; Political Activist
Yehudah Webster Headshot


Community organizer and political educator Yehudah Webster works to ensure the Jewish community remains committed to the fight for racial justice and collective liberation. With an analysis of unconditional/revolutionary care, Yehudah facilitates anti-oppression trainings and offers organizational consulting, developing unique programs to bring pitted against communities together. As a board member for Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, he supports the police reform campaign and the Jews of Color Caucus, organizing and leading meaningful political actions infused with Jewish ritual and moral grounding. Yehudah works primarily as the director of B'nai Mitzvah Campaign, an innovative bar/bat mitzvah tutoring company that provides meaningful learning experiences to students on their journey to Jewish adulthood.