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Books Matter

The Best Kid Lit on Bias, Diversity and Social Justice

Books have the potential to create lasting impressions. When books contain experiences and characters to which children can relate, they foster children’s positive self-concept and respect for diversity. Book collections for children should serve as “mirrors” that reflect the children and families in the school as well as “windows” that help children explore the true diversity of our world. Books can also teach children to understand and challenge bias and bullying and to promote social action in order to combat injustice.

This recommended collection of books is representative of the excellent anti-bias and multicultural literature available for educators and parents of young children through young adults. All the titles in Books Matter have been reviewed by ADL staff and are frequently updated with new and noteworthy books. Selected books include a variety of reading levels and many of the books lend themselves to being read aloud to children at any age.

Book of the Month

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September 2016

Mango, Abuela, and Me

Author: Meg Medina

Mia's Abuela has left her sunny house with parrots and palm trees to live with Mia and her parents in the city.


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