Your voice is needed now! Your opinion matters and can shape the work of legislators on the federal, state and local levels. ADL’s bipartisan advocacy efforts aim to persuade all of our elected officials to join us in working toward our mission, “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” When we take action together, we are stronger.

New Stand With Israel Initiatives

Tell U.S. House to Pass Israel Aid Package

The U.S. House must pass critical defense funding for Israel and protect synagogues as extremist violence grows in the wake of the war with Hamas. Join ADL in urging your U.S. Representative to act immediately to keep Jews in Israel and the United States.

Secure the Safety of College Campuses

Anger over the Israel-Hamas conflict is fueling the flames of hate on college and university campuses in the U.S. The Senate Resolution Condemning Antisemitism on Campuses passed but we still need your help to make colleges and universities safer from antisemitism.


Urge Social Media Platforms to Moderate Content

ADL is monitoring a surge of antisemitism, anti-Muslim hate, fake news, and propaganda being spread on social media. Social media companies must act to ensure they are not fanning the flames of hate and follow better content moderation practices.

Federal Initiatives

Tell Facebook to Support Victims of Online Hate

The internet was supposed to be a space for ideas and collaboration, but these days, we’re encountering an overwhelming amount of hate online. According to an ADL Center for Technology and Society report, people targeted by online hate have very few resources to access for help. Join ADL and tell Facebook to increase support for victims of online hate.

Support Holocaust Education in all 50 States

In a time of heightened antisemitic incidents and attitudes in the U.S., the need to teach the history and lessons of the Holocaust could not be more urgent. Join ADL in fighting for the passage of the Holocaust Education and Antisemitism Lessons (HEAL) Act to ensure current and future generations across the country learn about the Holocaust and the importance of confronting antisemitism and hate.

Protect Facebook and Instagram Users from Hate

Urge Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to enforce and improve Facebook and Instagram’s safety policies, properly resource safety teams, and be transparent about how the platforms address hate and harassment.

Tell Congress to Protect Citizens from Doxing

Join ADL in calling on Congress to pass the Doxing Threat Assessment Act so we can make sure federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have the tools they need to address cyber harassment and protect vulnerable communities.

ADL Plans



ADL's COMBAT Plan offers a comprehensive, six-part framework for leaders at every level of government to condemn antisemitism, authorize and improve hate crimes laws, stop the spread of antisemitism online and protect Jewish institutions often targeted by antisemitic acts.



ADL's PROTECT Plan aims to address increasing domestic terrorism driven by domestic violent extremism while safeguarding civil rights and civil liberties. Domestic terrorism is a threat that impacts everyone.



ADL's REPAIR Plan offers a comprehensive framework for platforms and policymakers to take meaningful action to decrease online hate and extremism. REPAIR addresses many manifestations of online hate, including online harassment, antisemitism, racism, extremist disinformation and domestic terrorism.

ADL Impact

Thanks to the actions of the ADL community and advocates like you, we are having a measurable impact in the fight against hate. We must continue to act.

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Non-Profit Security Grant Program

Due in large part to the efforts of the ADL community, President Biden requested $360 million in funding be added to the federal budget for security for nonprofits, including houses of worship and religious institutions. Volunteers nationwide mobilized over 4,000 emails to push elected officials to support this critical effort.

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Dr. Deborah Lipstadt Confirmation

ADL supporters sent thousands of emails and made thousands of phone calls to members of the Senate, took part in virtual lobbying visits and published letters to the editor in key states in support of Dr. Lipstadt's confirmation as U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism. Our government affairs professionals led an effective coalition of Jewish organizations who made sure that lawmakers knew how important this position is, and how eminently qualified Dr. Lipstadt is.