ADL Center for Antisemitism Research (CAR) builds upon ADL’s century-plus years of antisemitism expertise through an applied research network, innovative initiatives and signature projects to evaluate and identify what makes a difference in the fight against this hatred.

With pioneering approaches and a peer-review process, CAR ensures its studies are rigorous and accurate, upholding academic best practices with accessible analysis.



The Antisemitic Environment: How Social and Media Exposures Predict Antisemitic Beliefs

Our findings reveal that Americans most often hear antisemitic comments from politicians, TV or social media. This report is the third in a multi-part series based on ADL’s Antisemitic Attitudes in America study.

ADL's Antisemitic Attitudes in America Survey Issue No. 3

The CAR Approach to Antisemitism Research

CAR aims to diagnose the causes of antisemitism and apply what we learn through practical on-the-ground efforts – by ADL and our communal partners – to decrease antisemitism in communities in the U.S. and around the world. CAR looks to answer both longstanding and new questions about how to quantify, understand, reduce and prevent antisemitism.

What prevents and reduces antisemitism?
  • Developing and testing ways to challenge antisemitism for ideological, interpersonal, institutional and internalized manifestations
  • Tracking and assessing the impact of these tactics
What causes antisemitism?
  • Testing the theories
  • Understanding the perpetrators
  • Following the progression of attitudes to actions
How does antisemitism spread?
  • Investigating the cultural formations of antisemitism
  • Quantifying the impact of antisemitism on Jewish communities and society
  • Understanding the differences and overlap of antisemitism among different groups and ideologies

CAR’s Applied Research Network

We catalyze and conduct scholarly investigation into key areas on antisemitism by sponsoring fellowships and grants, conducting ADL’s own empirical research and organizing speaker series and publications. We have partnerships with nearly a dozen research institutes and universities across the globe.


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