In the aftermath of the white supremacist shooting in Buffalo earlier this year, ADL and leading social justice organizations called on the Biden Administration to host a summit on hate and extremism. On Thursday, Sept. 15, the White House convened the historic “United We Stand” Summit in response to this clarion call, inviting key stakeholders, including ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, to participate in a daylong discussion on how to push back against the forces of extremism and hate that are dividing our nation.

In conjunction with the “United We Stand” Summit, ADL has renewed the 2017 Mayors’ Compact Against Hate, Extremism and Bigotry in partnership with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and launched the Community Solidarity and Safety Coalition in partnership with the National Urban League.

"United We Stand" Summit:

Immediately after the horrific attack in Buffalo and only a few months after Colleyville, ADL joined with the National Urban League (NUL), LULAC, AAJC and the National Action Network calling on the White House to convene a summit against hate. In the months since, we have been working with these diverse group of partners and the White House in laying out a vision for the Summit.

We are seeing shocking instances of hate and violent extremism occur throughout our nation, in cities like Buffalo, Atlanta, El Paso, Pittsburgh, Charlottesville and Charleston, and in many more.  Increasingly, these acts of hate-fueled violence pose a dire threat to our democracy, our civic life and our freedoms.

Mayors’ Compact Against Hate, Extremism and Bigotry

Mayors and their cities must continue to serve as beacons for equity and inclusion for all. The U.S. Conference of Mayors and ADL are renewing the initiative they launched five years ago after the extremist violence in Charlottesville to fight hate, extremism and bigotry and to promote the fundamental principles of justice and equality for which America strives.

Community Solidarity and Safety Coalition (CSSC)

ADL and the National Urban League launched the CSSC, an alliance to make American spaces safer by establishing a standing non-partisan leadership forum of key leaders to coordinate on critical community security issues.