Each kit bundles resources related to a key concept or topic. Kits include background information for professional learning, guided lessons, student learning materials for assignments or in-class work, family resources and suggestions for children’s or young adult literature.


Explore Identity

Explore identity in and beyond the classroom to foster meaningful connection across differences and to build a foundation for the appreciation of diversity.


Interpret Differences

Educators and students can develop the skills to interpret differences in their community and beyond in a way that affirms identities and builds a shared understanding of how different people experience the world.


Challenge Bias

In the classroom, challenging bias means teaching students to understand the impact of biases and how to repair the harm caused, as well as modeling this as educators.


Champion Justice

Anti-bias learning can be a profound experience, and if that
learning is converted into action to champion justice—
action that fosters equity and social justice—the impact is


Address Antisemitism

Antisemitism is often only talked about in the context of
the Holocaust. Teaching about antisemitism will help your
students better understand centuries of
antisemitism history and apply it to addressing
antisemitism today.


Identity-Based Bullying and Cyberbullying

We can address identity-based bullying by teaching
students about different forms of bias and how bullying (or
cyberbullying) is a manifestation of bias, particularly
among young people.


Anti-Immigrant Bias

Anti-immigrant bias is a perpetual feature of contemporary
society. Center immigration and refugee stories in the
classroom to destigmatize migration and build a learning
environment where students’ migration backgrounds are