Join the Fight Against Antisemitism


Speak Up

Report an incident. If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of antisemitism, please contact ADL. Together, we can work toward making our communities, country and world a safer place for all.


Share Facts

Explore Antisemitism Uncovered: A Guide to Old Myths in a New Era for historical, fact-based descriptions of antisemitic myths, contemporary examples and calls-to-action for addressing this hate. 

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Show Strength

Sign the Pledge to Fight Antisemitism or text Audit to 72572 and commit to being an ally of the Jewish community, publicly condemning acts of antisemitism, advocating for policy solutions and encourage your elected officials to do the same.

Address Antisemitism in Your Community

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Lead Conversations in the Classroom and at Home

Use our discussion guides for educators, families and adults to start a conversation around antisemitism and learn ways to act as an ally when you see incidents of antisemitism.


Join ADL’s Congregational Engagement Program

Apply to Kulanu, Hebrew for “all of us,” an eight-month program dedicated to empowering congregations to address antisemitism and hate in their communities through education, community engagement and advocacy .

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Bring Antisemitism 101 to Your Workplace

Explore a 45-minute on-demand interactive module that supports professionals at all levels in developing their awareness and understanding of antisemitism and ways to take action when antisemitism shows up in the workplace.

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Follow the ADL Tracker

Read about news and trends as they develop on the ADL Tracker, which reports on antisemitism and other related activity across the U.S. and abroad.

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Explore ADL’s H.E.A.T. Map

Use our interactive and customizable map to compare details on specific incidents of hate, extremism, antisemitism and terrorism by state and nationwide.


Learn about Never Is Now

Come together with thousands of experts, members of the ADL community, business leaders and students for ADL’s annual and world’s largest summit on antisemitism and hate.

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Connect with Your Local ADL Office


Learn More: How ADL Fights Antisemitism