Conspiratorial Arabic-Language Cartoons Suggest Israeli Involvement in Regional Turmoil

  • October 10, 2017

Arabic-language media in the Middle East published a series of conspiratorial cartoons in recent days, suggesting Israeli involvement in regional turmoil. Specifically, these cartoons suggest that Israel is behind the September 25th referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan, which received overwhelming support; that it is also the source of ISIS, the civil strife raging in Syria and foreign intervention in the country; that it plays a role in the current diplomatic crisis surrounding Qatar, which began in June 2017 with the suspension of diplomatic ties by major Arab countries, notably Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt; and that it generally dominates Arab leaders.

Israel is thus described as pulling the strings of the Qatari regime, as the hand which separates Iraqi Kurdistan from the rest of the country using a fork shaped like Kurdish President Mas’oud Barazani, and as a burrow marked by a Star of David from which snakes representing ISIS, civil strife, the Kurdish referendum and foreign intervention emerge.

Notably, ADL documented similar cartoons in June this year published by Qatari media, attributing Israeli involvement in the country's diplomatic crisis.

Examples include: 

Al-Watan, October 6th  2017 (Oman)

Al-Watan, October 6th 2017 (Oman)

The figure represents Iraq and Syria, while the snakes emerging from the burrow marked by a Star of David represent ISIS, "Separation" (referring to the Kurdish referendum), civil strife and foreign intervention.

Al-Ittihad, October 5th  2017 (UAE)

The figure operated by the strings represents the Qatari regime.

Fars, October 1st  2017 (Iran)
Fars, October 2nd 2017 (Iran)
Al-Quds Al-Arabi, September 26, 2017 (UK)

Headline: “Israel’s Support of the Referendum on the Separation of the Kurdistan Region from Iraq.” Wearing a yarmulke, Netanyahu emerges from the Kurdish arm voting in the referendum.

Ar-Raya, October 3rd 2017 (Qatar)
Al-Watan, October 2nd 2017 (Oman)

The figure representing Israel is directing the shooter representing Kurdistan to shoot in the direction of "Iraq's Unity," with the rifle representing the referendum.