Some White Supremacists Doubt Trump

  • by:
    • Jessica Reaves
  • November 10, 2016

While most white supremacists are celebrating the election of Donald Trump as the next American president, some worry his campaign promises will go unfulfilled. Others, particularly Christian Identity adherents, who practice a virulently racist and anti-Semitic religion, believe or suspect Trump is merely part of a Jewish controlled system.


One ominous poster to the white supremacist website Stormfront using the screen name Vikingcelt wrote, “All we have to do is put pressure on Trump to deliver promises. We need to counter the powerful dark forces out there.”

Long-time white supremacist Billy Roper wrote on the Divine Truth Ministries’ website, “Now, don’t be too badly disappointed when the new President turns out to be a moderate who is an Israel-firster and doesn’t really deport any illegal immigrants, or actually build a wall, or much else that he campaigned on.”  SimplyFred, a worried responder to Roper’s post, rhetorically asked, “Will Trump have the courage to carry out his plan to build a wall between Mexico and the United States?”

A Stormfront poster using the screen name Tenniel similarly doubts that Trump will complete the job-at-hand by writing, “As for my own personal feelings regarding Donald Trump’s future presidency, I remain (guardedly) optimistic that Donald Trump will Make America Better Again. I think he’ll mostly do his part.  As I say in my signature, he can only make America GREAT again to the degree he makes America WHITE again.  I’m expecting and hoping for some of that – but far from a complete job of it.”

Bill Patterson, who leads the Texas-based Yahushua Dual Seedline Christian Identity Ministry, explained on his blog “...what most people do not understand is that most if not all of our politicians, Democrat and Republicans are controlled by Satan's beast system (new world order) and by Satan's children, the false Jews (kenites-Khazars).”  In a separate post he wrote, “I have for some time now been trying to figure out what is really up with Trump running for President? Could Trump be the one that wounds the Beast system?”

In response to a Stormfront forum thread titled “What Now for the White Nationalist Movement?” FredfromVNN wrote, “No freedom, no future, no anything until the yoke of Jewish control is broken. The Fight is ongoing and the biggest phase is on the way.”

Ryan Brennan, a former Aryan Nations officer turned Christian Identity preacher, takes a much harsher stance against Trump.  Devoting a large portion of his website to anti-Trump rhetoric he writes, “Donald Trump is a self-absorbed, self-centered, psychopath.  He don’t give a damn about you or other Americans, he worships the almighty dollar ….and antichrist Jews” and “All you fucktard Cuckservatives, White CuckNationalists, and CuckConfederate-flag-wavers that think Trump is some Great White Hope need to get your heads out of your asses.”

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