White Supremacists Expand Propaganda; UN HRC Lists Companies Working in Israel's West Bank Settlements

  • February 13, 2020
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Incidents of white supremacist propaganda jumped by more than 120% in the U.S. last year, according to ADL’s latest research. The U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) published a list of companies that conduct business in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which critics are calling a blacklist. And an MSNBC host is under fire after suggesting that supporters of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders are part of a “digital brownshirt brigade.”

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1. White Supremacist Groups Expand Propaganda Efforts, ADL Finds

“The distribution of such propaganda on college and university campuses nearly doubled last year, to 630 reported incidents from 320 in 2018. There were 410 reported incidents in the fall semester, ADL said, more than double any previous college term since the organization began its tally in 2016.” The New York Times: READ MORE

+ ADL Report: White Supremacists Double Down on Propaganda in 2019

+ ADL Resource: Patriot Front

2. UNHRC Releases ‘Blacklist’ of Companies Conducting Business in Israeli Settlements

“The list consists of 112 companies that the UNHRC states are involved in emboldening Israeli efforts to build settlements and demolish Palestinian homes, utilizing natural resources in the areas in question and engaging in ‘practices that disadvantage Palestinian enterprises, including through restrictions on movement, administrative and legal constraints.’’” Jewish Journal: FULL STORY

+ ADL Condemns UNHRC Decision to Publish “Blacklist” Database of Companies with Ties to Settlements in West Bank

3. ADL Raps TV Anchor Over Sanders ‘Brownshirt Brigade’ Remark

ADL “called out MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd for bringing up a quote suggesting that supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are part of a ‘digital brownshirt brigade.’ On Monday, during a panel discussion about the candidate’s surge ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, Todd cited a column critical of Sanders’ online support.” Fox News: FULL STORY

+ ADL tweet: “It is incumbent upon leaders & pundits to refrain from using offensive comparisons to the Holocaust…”