Studying the Holocaust

Echoes & Reflections: Teaching the Holocaust
Genocide & Holocaust
Jews Forcibly Pulled Out of Dugouts, 1943

National Archives

Grade Level:
Middle School,
High School
Common Core Standards:
Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
Genocide & Holocaust

This unit provides an opportunity for students to discuss the value and importance of studying human catastrophes, in general, and the Holocaust, in particular. The unit also includes lessons which provide an opportunity for students to consider the importance of examining both primary and secondary source materials when studying historical events and to begin to develop a common vocabulary for studying the Holocaust and other genocides.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate between natural and human catastrophes.
  • Develop a rationale for studying human catastrophes.
  • Compare and contrast several definitions of the Holocaust.
  • Define genocide.
  • Distinguish between primary and secondary source materials and explain how each is important when studying historical events.
  • Summarize the causes and effects of the Kristallnacht Pogrom based on analysis of primary and secondary source materials.
  • Discuss both the content and the messages in a clip of visual history testimony.

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