The Struggle to Prevent Genocide: Genocide and the Global Response

Genocide & Holocaust
Photographs of Genocide Victims Rwanda

Adam Jones, Ph.D. / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Grade Level:
High School
Common Core Standards:
Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Language
Genocide & Holocaust

This lesson explores genocides that have taken place during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries including the Cambodian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust. It also explores the world’s response to genocide and some of the reasons for global silence in the face of mass atrocities. Students are introduced to the paintings of a Holocaust survivor and explore the theme of indifference as it relates to the artist’s work and the plight of the Jews during the Holocaust. Students then engage in research on other cases of genocide in order to further understand the factors that have prevented the world community from responding more forcefully to these atrocities.

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