The FBI “Shared” Antisemitic Protocols on Twitter  8/19/20
One of the FBI’s official twitter handles, the FBI Records Vault, disseminated a link labeled “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”

Forever 21 Swastika Rings A Hoax  9/2/16
A photo of "swastika rings" was determined to be part of an unfortunate Internet hoax.

Edible Arrangements Owners Do Not "Fund Hamas"  8/1/14
There is no truth to the rumor that the company and its owners are funding Hamas terrorism.

Sephora "Discontinued" Selling Israeli Products  7/18/14
Contrary to an e-mail rumor, the beauty products retailer Sephora does not boycott Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Did Not Present Hamas with Ultimatum 7/11/14
An e-mail claims that Benjamin Netanhayu delivered a Knesset speech presenting Hamas with an ultimatum if rocket attacks from Gaza did not stop. The speech wasn't delivered and is not his.

Rumor: Tommy Hilfiger Does Not Want Minorities Wearing Hilfiger Clothing 10/30/13
Variations of the internet rumor that Tommy Hilfiger is racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic persist despite the fact that these allegations have been debunked over and over again.

Internet Rumor: Delta Air Lines and Ahava Halva Bars 8/12/13
Delta has denied removing an Israeli product fron its in-flight food offerings due to politics.

False Rumor: Paula Deen Blamed 'The Jews" for Firing 7/1/13
There is no truth to the Internet rumor claiming celebrity chef Paula Deen blamed Jews for her firing.

E-Mail Distorts German Govt. Policy on Israeli Settlements 6/25/13
A widely circulated e-mail distorts the German government's position in the debate within the EU on the issue of product labels for goods produced in Israeli settlements.

Alarmist E-Mail Claims Norway is 'Judenrein' 11/06/12
An alarmist e-mail with the subject line, "Europe again becoming 'Judenfrei' and soon 'Judenrein,'" claims that the last 819 Jews still living in Norway are now leaving the country.

Urban Legend: Steven Spielberg Letter to Mel Gibson 05/17/12
A "letter" purportedly written by Jewish director Steven Spielberg, takes actor Mel Gibson to task for his anti-Semitic remarks. The letter is a fabrication.

False Rumor: CNN Fired Israeli Jews in Jerusalem Bureau 02/14/12
A rumor charges that CNN fired all of its Jewish employees from the company's Jerusalem bureau, while keeping its Arab employees.

Rumor: Jews & Atheists Targeted in Video Game 12/09/11
An e-mail suggests that there is a computer video game in which Jews, Muslims and Atheists must be killed or converted. There is no truth to this rumor.

Nivea Skincare Lists Israel on Corporate Web Site 09/09/11
An e-mail misleadingly charges that the web site of Nivea skincare products "removed" Israel from its country list.

Whole Foods Market Not "Anti-Israel" 08/04/11
The Anti-Defamation League has found no evidence to claims by some bloggers on the Internet that Whole Foods Market is "anti-Israel."

E-mail Wrongly Suggests U.S. Designated Israel as 'Terrorist Sponsor' 07/06/11
Contrary to an e-mail rumor, Israel has not been designated as a "terrorist sponsor" by the Obama Administration.

Rumor: South Africa 'Expelling' Israel's Ambassador 07/20/10
A much forwarded, but false rumor suggests that South Africa is considering expelling Israel's ambassador.

Flotilla Video Footage Misrepresented 06/14/10
Israeli soldiers did not find military weapons aboard the flotilla ship Mavi Marmara.

Princess Cruises Continues Port Calls in Israel 06/09/10
An e-mail alleges that Princess Cruises has made a policy decision to "boycott Israel." This rumor is false.

YouTube Not Removing IDF Videos of Flotilla Raid 06/01/10
There is no truth to rumors that YouTube is removing IDF videos of the Gaza flotilla raid.

False Rumor on Israeli Nuclear Visas 04/13/10
An Internet rumor suggests that the U.S. State Department has been clamping down on granting visas to scientists at Israel’s nuclear power plant in Dimona.

Hezbollah and Iran Make Appearance in Fake Honda Ads 11/04/09
A much-forwarded e-mail message suggests the automaker Honda has produced video "advertisements" featuring the leader of Hezbollah and the President of Iran.

Spanish Fashion Store Zara Not Anti-Semitic 09/30/09
An e-mail rumor claiming that the Spanish fashion chain Zara "has been openly anti-Semitic for a long time" is false.

E-mail Alleges 'Boycott' of Israeli Products in Norway 04/23/09
There is no Norwegian government policy of singling out or boycotting Israeli products.

False E-Mail Claims UK Has Ended Holocaust Education 03/19/09
A much circulated e-mail falsely claims that the United Kingdom removed the Holocaust from its school curriculum.

Fabrications on Anti-Semitic Incidents in France 03/04/09
A much-forwarded e-mail lists alleged anti-Semitic attacks in France and calls for a boycott.

Obama Palestinian Emigration Rumor 02/13/09
A much forwarded e-mail claims that President Barack Obama has authorized over $20 million to facilitate emigration from Gaza.  There is no truth to this rumor.

American Idol 01/16/09
Simon Cowell did not use an anti-Jewish slur on "American Idol."

YouTube Not Removing IDF Videos 01/12/09
YouTube is NOT trying to remove videos posted to a page created by the Israel Defense Forces.

Israel CNN Poll 01/12/09
A poll on support for Israel, referred to in an e-mail rumor, is in no way connected to CNN or its affiliates.

UNICEF Not Anti-Israel 10/29/08
There is a persistent, yet unfounded, rumor in the Jewish community that United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is “anti-Israel.”

Synagogue Sign A Hoax 10/13/08
A widely circulated "picture" of a synagogue billboard reading "Beth Sholom Synagogue is not real.

Rumor: $400 Billion Transfer to Israeli Banks 10/13/08
A rumor suggests that just prior to the collapse of major investment banks, "$400 billion in funds was secretly transferred to Israeli banks."

Holocaust Inheritance Payment Scam 07/08/08
A false e-mail message uses Holocaust reparations as a pretext for soliciting personal information.

False Rumor Claims Kentucky University Removes Holocaust 11/06/07
An e-mail rumor falsely claims that the University of Kentucky has "removed the Holocaust from its school curriculum."

Google Search Results and Online Petitions 07/24/07
A rumor claims that Google will remove offensive search results if people sign an online petition.  ADL recommends that concerned individuals not sign.

Rumor Attaches False Statements to Angelina Jolie 07/23/07
An e-mail rumor claiming that Angelina Jolie has made unflattering statements about the U.S. and Israel is baseless.

E-Mail Scan Targets Jews 05/30/07
An e-mail scam targeting the Jewish community is circulating on the Internet.

Debunking the Bilderberg Myth 03/01/07
A myth created by far-right extremists and conspiracy theorists about a legitimate business entity.

Barak Obama's "Madrassa" Education 01/29/07
Sen. Barack Obama did not attend a fundamentalist Muslim religious school, known as a "madrassa," as a child living in Indonesia.

UPS Shipping Poicy Excludes West Bank Settlements 12/14/06
There is no truth to the rumor that suggests UPS has a policy of not delivering packages to Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Rumors About Fate of Iranian Jews 11/21/06
Several rumors have been circulating in e-mail, blogs and other online media about the fate of Jews living in Iran.

Star of David Pattern on Vans Shoes 05/08/06
There is no truth to e-mails suggesting that the maker of Vans shoes is anti-Jewish because some of their shoes come with a pattern resembling a Star of David on a portion of the outsole.

False Rumor About Former German Chancellor 03/09/06
German Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl has not agreed with the Iranian president's Holocaust denial.

Rumor on German Arms Sales to Israel 01/10/06
A false rumor circulated by e-mail since 2002 claims that Germany has stopped all arms sales to Israel.

Blockbuster Rumor 11/14/05
A false rumor circulating by e-mail suggests that the Blockbuster video rental chain removed from its shelves DVD copies of the documentary film "Paper Clips."

Christian "Indulgences" Web Page A Hoax 04/28/05
A Web page purporting to seek "Online Indulgences" for the Christian Broadcasting Network is part of an elaborate online ruse meant to besmirch their ministry.

Sri Lanka, Israel and Tsunami Aid 01/18/05
There is no truth to the rumor that the Sri Lankan government has refused to accept Tsunami relief from Israel.

Rec Cross - Magen David Adom Rumor 10/12/04
Contrary to an e-mail message, American Red Cross continues to be Magen David Adom's greatest advocate for its full membership into the International Red Cross system.

Anti-Semitic E-Mails Not From Israel 09/15/04
An anti-Semitic e-mail has a return address indicating that the message was sent by companies or organizations in Israel.

E-Mail Lists Anti-Semitic Incidents in France, Calls for Boycott 06/25/04
E-mails have been circulating listing alleged anti-Semitic incidents in France, some of which are  unsubstantiated or fabrications.

Google Search Ranking of Hate Sites Not Intentional 04/22/04
The ranking of hate sites is in no way due to a conscious choice by Google, but solely is a result of an automated system of ranking.

Spielberg’s Crusades Movie Rumor is a Hoax 03/18/04
A spokesman for Mr. Spielberg described the rumor as "a vicious and totally fabricated story."

Nike Suicide Bomb "Advertisement" A Fake 02/03/04
An e-mail claiming to be a shoe advertisement for Nike using a photo of an apparent suicide bombing in Israel is a forgery.

Prescott Bush's Alleged Nazi "Ties" 12/16/03
Rumors about the alleged Nazi "ties" of the late Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, are untenable and politically motivated.

Rutgers 'Advertisement' a Hoax 10/09/03
An alleged advertisement for an anti-Israel conference being held of the campus of Rutgers University is an apparent lampoon prepared by individuals who opposed this anti-Israel conference

Starbucks Rumor False 04/07/03
The decision by Starbucks to close operations in Israel was a business decision that had nothing to do with anti-Israel pressure.

Outdated E-Mail: Canada’s Magen David Adom 02/03/03
A much-forwarded message alleges that the Canadian government has stripped MGD of its nonprofit status. The e-mail is based on outdated information and should be disregarded.

Michael Jordan Target of Bogus Internet Report 10/03/02
Contrary to this persistent Internet rumor, basketball great Michael Jordan is not wearing a black armband in support of the Palestinians.

Anti-Semitic E-Mail Attempts to Slur Reputable Firm 09/05/02
An hateful e-mail appears to have been sent from a reputable Internet security company. In fact, the message is an outright forgery.

BMW Map Omission was Unintentional 08/09/02
The automaker assured ADL that Israel's omission from a regional map of the Middle East was unintentional, and will be corrected.

4,000 Jews Absent During World Trade Center Attack 10/22/01
Such rumors are absurd. Among those who died in the collapse of the Twin Towers were scores of Jews.

ADL: Internet Rumors About Microsoft Wingdings Are False 09/21/01
The Windows operating system’s Wingdings character font does not contain hidden messages, anti-Semitic or otherwise.

ADL Letter to Tommy Hilfiger 07/11/01
ADL debunks rumors circulating on the internet regarding Tommy Hilfiger in relation to The Oprah Winfrey Show