Federal Investigation Results in Arrest of Alleged White Supremacist Gang Members

  • July 27, 2007

“Operation Blue and White” is the name of a lengthy undercover investigation into alleged firearms and drug trafficking violations by members of the Peckerwoods, a white supremacist outlaw motorcycle gang. The Los Angeles Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the San Diego County Sheriff's Department initiated the investigation in 2006.

The investigation recently resulted in the seizure of  24 firearms, including assault weapons, shotguns and handguns, 1-1/2 pounds of marijuana, 24 marijuana plants, 600 tablets of prescription Oxycodone, 100 tablets of prescription Percocet, 50 tablets of prescription Vicodin, and 1-1/2 ounces of methamphetamine. 

Federal, state and local law enforcement officers have arrested 14 individuals at nine different locations, and executed search warrants in the towns of Santee, Lakeside, La Mesa, and El Cajon, California.  

Peckerwood is a common white supremacist title, and can refer to white individuals with loose ties to racist prison gangs in or out of prison, or to actual racist skinhead gangs incorporating the term into their name. The majority of Peckerwood gangs remain in California, although the surrounding states have seen increased activity. Members are often involved in the methamphetamine trade, and have ties to other white supremacist gangs such as the Nazi Low Riders. Peckerwood gang members have been charged with a variety of crimes ranging from dealing drugs to attempted murder.

The following have been charged with assault likely to cause great bodily harm:

Ronald Luetticke (alleged Peckerwoods president), of Lakeside

Randal Luetticke (alleged Peckerwoods vice president, and brother of Ronald), of Santee

Darrel Denniston (alleged Peckerwoods sergeant-at-arms), of Santee

Shawn Davidson (alleged Peckerwoods secretary), of Lakeside

Randy Luetticke Jr. (alleged Peckerwoods prospect), of Santee

Michael Caviness (alleged Peckerwoods member), of El Cajon

Merle Willman (alleged Peckerwoods associate), of Lakeside

Joseph Santos (alleged Peckerwoods prospect), of Santee 

The following have been charged with sale of a controlled substance:

Charles Anthony Giallombardo (alleged Peckerwoods treasurer), of La Mesa

Margaret Young, of La Mesa

Adam Hamilton (alleged Peckerwoods associate), of Santee 

Also charged are:

Michaelle Denniston, of Santee, charged with making criminal threats

Jason Bradford (alleged Peckerwoods prospect), of La Mesa, charged with receiving stolen property

Dean Deluke (alleged Peckerwoods associate), of Santee, charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale. 

The La Mesa Police Department, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, El Cajon Police Department, California Highway Patrol, San Diego County Probation, California State Department of Parole, San Diego County District Attorney's Office, San Diego County District Attorney's Investigators Office, and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern Judicial District of California all assisted in the investigation.