Khalid Abdul Muhammad: In His Own Words

  • November 18, 2014

Read the full report here: Khalid Muhammad In His Own Words (PDF).

Khalid Muhammad died on February 17, 2001 from the effects of a brain aneurysm. Prior to his death, his words and deeds had been the focus of increasing public attention. A former national spokesman for the Nation of Islam (NOI), Muhammad was exceedingly confrontational in his rhetoric. His supporters viewed his hateful diatribes as expressions of rage that traditional Black leaders were unable or unwilling to deliver. However, his numerous appearances at universities and rallies proved to be little more than a platform for his virulent anti-Semitism and racism.

By 1985, Muhammad had become one of Minister Louis Farrakhan's most trusted advisors in the Nation of Islam. He accompanied Farrakhan on fund-raising trips to Libya, where he became well acquainted with Muammar el-Qaddafi. Muhammad's dedication to Farrakhan and to the racist message of the NOI eventually secured him the title of national spokesman.

Muhammad first drew harsh criticism for a speech he gave at New Jersey's Kean College in November 1993. He referred to Jews as "bloodsuckers," called for the genocide of white people, and demeaned both Pope John Paul II and homosexuals. ADL responded by running a full-page ad in The New York Times reprinting some of his statements. In February 1994, Congress issued a denunciation of Muhammad, condemning his speech as "outrageous hatemongering of the most vicious and vile kind." Farrakhan responded to Muhammad's speech by removing him from the NOI's hierarchy, although he took issue only with the form, not "the truth" of Muhammad's remarks.

After being stripped of his position as NOI spokesman, Muhammad led the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense (NBPP), which was in the public spotlight in Jasper, Texas. He traveled with about 50 followers to "protect" the streets of Jasper in the wake of the heinous racial murder of James Byrd Jr. He also organized and led the 1998 Million Youth March in New York. Many observers blame Muhammad for inciting the melee between demonstrators and New York City police officers, which concluded the march, by exhorting the crowd to beat the police with rails and to shoot them with their own guns in "self-defense."

Muhammad's violent and unapologetic barrage of bigotry, anti-Semitism and racism was particularly disturbing because of the young and impressionable audience at which it is aimed. Despite the rejection of his rhetoric by political and religious leaders, including some prominent Black activists and leaders, Muhammad spread his message of intolerance. Muhammad will be remembered for his displays of bigotry and fanaticism, which he often cloaked in religious principles. His legacy is best profiled in his own words.

The full PDF contains a collection of hateful and conspiratorial statements made by Muhammad on Jews, Jewish control, whites, and the Holocaust.