Racist Skinhead Threatens Students at California High School

  • June 16, 2006

A racist skinhead was arrested in Newark, California, for allegedly threatening to kill two African-American high school students. 

Joshua Michael Steever, 26, was arrested on June 12, 2006, four days after he accompanied his girlfriend to Newark Memorial High School to pick up her yearbook.  At that time, Steever allegedly made racial slurs at two African American students waiting in line for their yearbooks and then pulled out a pocket knife and threatened to stab them, according to court records.

Steever, who has the word “racist” tattooed on his forehead and a swastika under his right eye, then took off his shirt and showed his other tattoos, including swastikas, a triskele, and eagles and iron crosses on his arms and neck.  Before leaving, he allegedly said would be back to “blow up the school.”

Steever is charged with carrying a weapon on school grounds and making terrorist threats, both felony counts.  He also charged with two counts of brandishing a knife.  The charges could be amended to include hate-crime enhancements.

Steever, a New Jersey resident, had been in California since June 3 visiting a girlfriend he met on the Internet, according to authorities.  He is associated with Combat 18, a violent and loosely organized neo-Nazi group formed in the early 1990s.  The “18” refers to Adolf Hitler – the letters A and H being the first and eighth letters of the alphabet.  He also has an “ARS” tattoo, which suggests a possible affiliation with the Aryan Renaissance Society, a white supremacist group with members in the Houston area.

Steever was previously arrested in June 2005, in Harris County, Texas, on felony aggravated assault charges for striking someone with an ax handle.  The charge was eventually reduced to misdemeanor deadly assault, of which he was convicted. 

Steever is being held at the Alameda County jail on $36,000 bail.