White Supremacists Sentenced in Louisiana Bank Robbery Conspiracy

  • May 19, 2006

Two white supremacists have been sentenced in Louisiana for weapons possession and planning a bank robbery.

Morris Lynn Gulett, 50, of Calhoun, Louisiana, and Charles Scott Thornton, 23, of Piedmont, Alabama, were sentenced on May 1, 2006, to 72 and 60 months in prison respectively. Both previously pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit armed bank robbery, conspiracy to possess a firearm to rob a bank, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and forfeiture.

Gulett, the leader of the white supremacist group Church of the Sons of Yahweh, and a former high-ranking member of a faction of Aryan Nations, instructed Thornton, an Alabama member of Gulett’s group, to travel from Louisiana to Alabama to locate a bank for the two to rob.

Gulett and Thornton possessed numerous firearms, including two semi-automatic rifles, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a semi-automatic pistol, according to federal officials.

Gulett had previously been convicted for ramming a police cruiser in Dayton, Ohio, in 1997, and for possession of illegal drugs in Miami in 1999.

Prior to his arrest in 2005, Thornton authored an essay, “The Coming Holy War,” for the Church of the Sons of Yahweh Web site in which he derided Jews as “scumbags” and other races as “soulless mud people.”  In the essay Thornton hailed as heroes Robert Mathews and other members of The Order, a white supremacist domestic terrorist organization whose members committed murders and armored car robberies in the early 1980s.

Thornton wrote that “the Order unleashed hell, [sic] upon a degenerate American populace, and they were among the first to move from words of the leader into direct action against the ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government].” Thornton concluded with a call to action:  “I SAY LETS [sic] GET THIS RACIAL HOLY WAR ON NOW.”