One Book, One School

No Place for Hate Activity
Books of the Month Collage

GRADE LEVEL: Elementary, Middle or High School


Reading with children is a cherished activity for adults and children and a key component of students’ literacy development. Children’s and young adult literature is also is an effective tool to explore and discuss identity, culture, diversity, bias, bullying, discrimination and equity. Books have the power to foster empathy, provide affirmation about one’s identity, transport us to new places and meet new people and inspire action on behalf of social justice.  Schools will select a book from ADL’s Book of the Month collection and engage in an all-school read on a book that addresses one or more of these important themes.

In this activity, students will:

  • Read a book as a school and explore and discuss its anti-bias theme.
  • Analyze the theme in more depth by engaging in a follow-up activity.