Anti-Semites Celebrate When Jews Are Targeted

February 21, 2017

In light of bomb threats aimed at Jewish institutions, anti-Semitic fliers posted at campuses, the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, and the lashing out at a Jewish reporter by President Trump, anti-Semites are having a field day.  Each time a Jewish person or institution is targeted, anti-Semites believe they are winning the battle against what they allege is Jewish domination of the country.

Most recently, anti-Semites alleged that Jews themselves are behind the numerous bomb threats to Jewish institutions as a way to garner sympathy for being a victim and that the Jews are using the cemetery desecration to force President Trump into making a statement about anti-Semitism.

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin wrote on his website, The Daily Stormer on February 21, “When I see these bomb threats, I just assume it is Jews doing it. You see how it fits right into their narrative of victimhood under Trump.”

Writing about the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Erik Striker of The Daily Stormer alleged, “It’s obvious that this isn’t about some 100 year old gravestones being tipped over, this is about bending Trump to the Jewish will through media onslaught.”


Anti-Semitic image posted by a reader in The Daily Stormer comments section

Anti-Semites are particularly pleased when President Trump lashes out at the media, which they believe the Jews control, and when he verbally chastised a Jewish journalist, Jake Turx, after Turx asked the president about the bomb threats at a press conference.

On The Daily Stormer, Anglin asserted, “Today, they are choosing to flood us with stories about the same story – how terrible Trump’s press conference was. In fact, it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. From start to finish, it was simply beautiful. He blasted the media, the Jews, Mexicans, Obama – all of his/our enemies.”

Striker wrote on The Daily Stormer, “I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a Striker prediction: this lice infested ghetto Jew will be getting hardcore press coverage and made into a folk hero for a month straight or more. But on the bright side, Jews will gasp when they realize that A) nobody is listening to their fake news or celebrities anymore, and B) everyone is pretty damn sick of Jews.”

In response to Striker’s column, Daily Stormer supporters voiced their own brand of virulent anti-Semitism. “JSteele” wrote, “I caught the end of that press conference, especially the part with this kike. If I were President Trump, next time the question is raised, ask the jew [sic] reporter to give an exact definition of what is ‘anti-Semitism.’ Let him define it so the world can see what an utter bullshit charge an anti-Gentile pejorative and smoke screen it really is.”

Another person, “Pen-Meister,” asserted, “This was a great press conference, maybe the best ever but that part with trump [sic] bitch slapping a stereotypical kike was definitely the best part of all.”


Anti-Semitic image posted by a reader in The Daily Stormer comments section

Others posted hateful and disturbing anti-Semitic images. One showed Trump pushing Turx into an oven. Another pictured Trump saying, “Sit down Jew boy! The goyim have had enough.”

A neo-Nazi site,, posted another hateful comment: “President Donald Trump should torture this piece of shit Jew (Jake Turx). Then gas the kike, before integrating the final solution by baking this pile of maggot shit in an oven. These Jews should never be allowed to open up their c–t mouths unless spoken too. These kikes are way out of control and think they are above all criticism. We are very very proud of our President today. President Donald Trump did an absolutely fantastic job putting this c–t kike in his place and we are very very proud of his ACTION!”

David Duke, a virulent anti-Semite and former Klan leader, also responded to the attack on the Jewish reporter in a tweet about the press conference and the Jewish reporter asking about bomb threats: “Are we tired of winning yet, folks?”

Other anti-Semites responded to President Trump’s attack on the media and indicated that it was controlled by the Jews. John Friend, an anti-Semite who runs “The Realist Report” website, used the echoes hate symbol to indicate that the media is controlled by Jews. He wrote, “God bless Donald Trump for exposing the filthy, lying (((mainstream mass media))) – it’s about time someone stood up to them!”

Anti-Semites are increasingly emboldened by the current political climate in which anti-Semitism seems to be normalized.