Meyers Leonard fined and suspended for antisemitic slur; Israeli society increasingly divided; LGBTQ protections stripped from hate crimes bill

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March 12, 2021


Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard was fined $50,000, suspended from the team's facilities and banned from team activities after he uttered an antisemitic slur while playing video games. Israeli society is increasingly divided, with 81 percent of Israelis stating that they believe that their society is increasingly divided, a 12 percent increase since 2017, according to a new ADL. survey. A panel of South Carolina lawmakers stripped explicit protections for members of the LGBTQ community out of a hate crimes bill which was advanced by members of the House Thursday, drawing the ire of civil rights groups.

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1) Miami Heat's Meyers Leonard Fined $50,000, Suspended for Using Antisemitic Slur

“Leonard said the slur, followed by a sexist vulgarity, after calling another player a ‘coward’ because of how they tried to kill his character in the game. The video was recorded Monday but did not receive widespread attention until Tuesday, after the clip of Leonard uttering the slur was posted to social media. By the afternoon, it was the top trending topic on Twitter in the United States.” The New York Times: FULL STORY

+ Jonathan Greenblatt tweet: After our conversation yesterday, we know he plans to educate himself & work toward combating hate and ignorance. @ADL is ready to work with him as he engages in this process…

+ Jonathan Greenblatt tweet: As a lifelong @Patriots fan, I've always been a fan of @Edelman11, the player. But actions like this -- consistently using his platform to promote good and fight ignorance make it easy for anyone to be a fan of Julian, the person. Thank you for this needed message…

2) Israeli Society Increasingly Divided, View of Haredim Worsens

“Most haredi (ultra-Orthodox) respondents (54%) stated that haredim are the most discriminated against group in Israel. The survey also found that nearly half of the respondents in Israel had changed their views for the worse toward the haredi sector, in part due to perceptions of haredi society's response to coronavirus regulations. Only about 31% of respondents saw haredim as an "integral part" of Israeli society, a decline of 12% since 2019, before the pandemic began.” The Jerusalem Post: READ MORE

+ ADL Israel tweet: ADL Israel Director @CaroleNl presenting ADL’s Annual Social Cohesion Poll. Findings include: over 50% of Israelis changed their attitudes negatively toward Haredis in the wake of COVID-19; 81% believe Israeli society is divided…

3) Protections for South Carolina’s LGBTQ Community Stripped Out of House Hate Crimes Bill

“If the bill passes, the only protected characteristics named in the bill would be actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, national origin and physical or mental disability. The original version of the bill also made sexual orientation, gender, age and ancestry protected classes. ‘Gender identity’ was never included as a protected class in the bill, despite pleas from LGBTQ advocates and allies.” The State, SC: LEARN MORE

+ ADL tweet: @ADL Southern Division VP and @ADLSoutheast Regional Director @apadillagoodman testified before the State Legislature on the need to adopt hate crime bill #H3620 and #StampOutHateSC.

+ Press Release: ADL Appalled by Harmful and Discriminatory Amendment to South Carolina Hate Crime Bill