White Supremacists Gather for Nationalist Solutions Conference

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June 19, 2018

The Council of Conservative Citizens, a once-prominent white supremacist group that has been dormant for several years, reemerged to hold the “Nationalist Solutions” conference June 15-17 in Burns, Tennessee. The event was a joint effort with the California-based white supremacist group American Freedom Party (AFP).

The conference, which took place in Montgomery Bell State Park, attracted roughly 70 attendees and speakers. The two-day event featured a number of longtime white supremacist activists and ideologues, including retired psychology professor and noted anti-Semite Kevin MacDonald; anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Adrian Krieg; and Michael Hill, leader of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate white supremacist group. Former Klan leader David Duke delivered a rambling, boastful and virulently anti-Semitic speech Saturday evening. 

“I am the best known white activist in the world,” Duke said during his two-hour long diatribe, “and nobody in the whole world has educated more people about the Jewish issue than I have.” His often unfocused remarks circled back repeatedly to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, the Jewish “penetration” and ruination of American culture. Duke referred to Trump's election as an “awakening for our people,” adding, “Europeans are waking up all over the world.”

“I do think it is time to talk about organized Jewry, the Jewish leaders, the Jewish establishment, the Jewish elite that is driving, driving the destruction of European mankind,” Duke continued. “That’s sapping the will of our people to save ourselves. That’s driving, the driving force behind things like pornography.”

Other speakers included James Edwards, who runs white supremacist radio show “The Political Cesspool;” Tom Sunic, a white supremacist former professor and author who is originally from Croatia; Virginia Abernathy, professor emeritus at Vanderbilt University and a virulent opponent of non-white immigration; and Rachel Pendergraft, one of the leaders of the Knights Party, a longstanding Ku Klux Klan group. CCC leader Earl Holt and William Johnson, the head of the American Freedom Party, spoke along with Makoto Sakurai, the pen name of the founder of the nationalist Japan First Party.  

Members of a number of white supremacist groups, including the League of the South, were also on hand, as well as Billy Roper of the newly formed Shield Wall Network. Among the notable attendees: failed California Senate candidate Patrick Little; former Jackman, Maine, town manager Tom Kawczynski; Tennessee congressional and gubernatorial candidate Rick Tyler; and Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler. 

Identity Evropa associate William Clark was there as the U.S. representative for Swedish white supremacist publishing house Arktos Media, which has partnered with IE in its efforts to disseminate hateful propaganda on college campuses nationwide.