Don Black/Stormfront

June 24, 2013

Read the full report: Don Black / Stormfront (PDF)

Stephen Donald “Don” Black is one of the most influential white supremacists in the United States, due to his role as the founder and operator of Stormfront, the most popular on-line meeting place for white supremacists around the world, and for his appearances and speeches at racist and anti-Semitic gatherings. A former Grand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan, Black now devotes most of his time to running Stormfront out of his home in West Palm Beach, Florida. He maintains affiliations with a number of figures on the extreme right. His son Derek, clearly influenced by his father, appears to be a rising figure in the white supremacist world.

Black espouses a racist and anti-Semitic ideology. His idea of “White Pride World Wide,” a slogan that appears on the Stormfront Web site, involves demeaning and demonizing Jews and non-whites, while his concept of “victory” for whites includes the creation of ethnically cleansed living spaces. Black claims that blacks and non-white immigrants are increasing in numbers and committing crimes, thereby depriving whites of their majority and power in society. In addition to demonizing blacks and immigrants, Black targets Jews as the cause of societal ills.