Eustace Mullins, Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist, Dies at Age 86

February 04, 2010

Eustace Mullins, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist for over half a century, died on February 2, 2010, a month short of his 87th birthday. Throughout his life, Mullins produced numerous books, essays and articles and delivered scores of speeches and lectures with a common bigoted theme: that Jews are allegedly responsible for many of the problems and evils that have confronted the modern world. Ezra Pound, the well-known anti-Semitic poet, was reportedly Mullins's mentor and teacher, starting in the late 1940s.

Throughout his long career as a propagandist, Mullins wrote numerous anti-Semitic works, including Secrets of the Federal Reserve, a re-hash of his anti-Semitic theories about the origins of the Federal Reserve and The Curse of Canaan, Mullins's biblical "analysis" asserting that an ages-long conflict has taken place between the builders of civilization and the Canaanites (i.e., the Jews), who sought to destroy civilized life on earth.

Mullins also had a long history of being a contributing writer or editor to various extremist publications. From October 2001 until November 2006, he served on the Southeastern and Eastern Regional Bureaus of the anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented newspaper American Free Press (AFP), as well as its predecessor, The Spotlight.  From at least 1993 through 2009, Mullins was a contributing editor to Criminal Politics, an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented magazine.

Final Activities

In 2009, Mullins, despite his advanced age, embarked on a tour around the country to promote his theories. He reportedly visited North Carolina, Florida, California, Texas, and Ohio before suffering a stroke in January 2010. Mullins died a month later in Texas, at the home of a caretaker.

In August 2009, Mullins was a guest speaker at a meeting of the Washington, D.C., chapter of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, where he spoke about "'The World Order' tyranny and its many facets such as the Federal Reserve system."

A month earlier, on July 27, a special insert in the AFP highlighted Mullins and his work.  The insert featured a photo of Mullins at the offices of the publication, where he met with publisher Willis Carto, a long-time anti-Semite, and Michael Collins Piper, an AFP reporter.

In January 2009, Pete Peters leader of the anti-Semitic Christian Identity organization Scriptures for America, interviewed Mullins on his radio program. On the show, Mullins recounted how he formed a relationship with Erza Pound and learned about "the Jewish issue."

In March 2008, on his 85th birthday, Mullins announced the founding of the so-called "Restore America Project." The project's Web site says that is "committed to improving the lives of every citizen of the United States of America."  It added, "We believe that the truth has been so misrepresented that many churches, politicians and organizations have mislead [sic] our citizens either through ignorance or media and educational brainwashing that we no longer can focus on those destructive elements in our country. We wish to educate those who are hungry for truth so we can build a better world for our children."

Mullins frequently made appearances at extremist events and on extremist Internet radio shows and Web sites to discuss his conspiracy theories.  On January 17, 2007, Mullins promoted his Federal Reserve conspiracy book on Truthnet Radio, a show based in Yukon, Oklahoma, that has also hosted other anti-Semites.

On December 20, 2006, Mullins appeared as a guest on the white supremacist Vanguard News Network's Internet-based radio show, run by neo-Nazi Alex Linder.  A Web page announcing the program also promoted Mullin's book, The Biological Jew, a virulently anti-Semitic book in which Mullins calls the very existence of Jews a "hate crime against nature." That same month, Mullins was a guest on "The French Connection," a radio show run by Daryl Bradford Smith, who also operates an anti-Semitic Web site that names "Zionists" as the "masterminds of the September 11 attack."

In September 2006, Mullins spoke at a "Free Speech Conference" hosted by American Free Press and The Barnes Review, a Holocaust denial publication founded by Willis Carto. He gave a lecture about his conspiracy theories regarding the Federal Reserve and spoke on a panel about the Holocaust with Holocaust deniers Carto, Lady Michele Renouf, and others.

Eustace Mullins: In His Own Words

January 30, 2007

"When I was the American correspondent for the Social Creditor of London, in its Issue of 1947, I predicted that if the Zionists gained control of the U.S. Military, the world would be plunged into endless wars, culminating in worldwide control by Israel. This prediction has come true beyond my wildest fears. Because the Zionists were able to finance their atrocities through their manipulation of our Central Bank, The Federal Reserve System gave them unlimited finance to perpetrate these wars… Many countries have been destroyed, millions of people have died in these wars and are still dying today, because the Federal Reserve conspirators have Trillions of dollars on hand to keep these wars going, and are assured of an ample supply of funds to keep the wars going as the Federal Reserve conspirators continue to print their own money. The Democrats threaten to stop the funding of the Iraq war, but the Democrats are helpless as long as the Federal Reserve prints its own money, which makes the Federal Reserve the Official War Party, waging unabated wars at will."

(From an Internet ad announcing Mullins' appearance at an event in Oakland, California, on March 13, 2007)

October 14, 2006

"Israel actually plans to exterminate the entire Muslim/Arab population of the world, and Muslims know this, and this is why their jihad, jihadism and their excesses have some basis in reality. They're trying to survive because they know that Israel simply is interested only in genocide and exterminating all the Arab people, bringing them under complete domination. Israelis are always exterminationists."

(From an interview with Eustace Mullins on a DVD entitled: "The Neo-Zionist Order: Who Rules Your Rulers?")

May 8, 2004

"It [the Holocaust] wasn't really an issue until the late '50's. All of the sudden, they remembered that six million Jews died in WWII. I've often said that after six million Jews died, most of them went on to own apartments in Manhattan and Tel Aviv. It's not really a topic that interests me much beyond how it's used as propaganda and mind control."

(From an interview posted on, a conspiracy-focused Web site)

July 2003

"It's [the Ruling Class] more Gentile than Jewish, but the policies are ultimately Zionist-Jewish, through the Rothschild family. They don't give a damn about Jew or Christian, however. They'll organize a massacre of Jews or Christians if it serves their purposes. Most of the pogroms in Europe were organized by Jews as a matter of policy. They do the same thing in this country. Attacks on govt. buildings, OKC bombing, Waco, etc. are threats of terror in order to control people…I've said to people for years that America is at the dawn of its Republic now, because we never had a Republic. We've been under control of the bankers the whole time. We'll get our own government and America will begin to have a history. We have no history. All we have is a history of Zionist intrigue."

(From an interview posted on, a conspiracy-focused Web site)

From The Biological Jew, published in 1968

"The Jew has always functioned best as a panderer, a pornographer, a master of prostitution, an apostle of sexual perversion, an enemy of the prevailing sexual standards and prohibitions of the gentile community." (page 21)

"This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew's entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host." (page 25)

"Treason, fraud, perversion, all the hallmarks of Jewish life among the gentiles in the Diaspora. And it is parasitism." (page 28)

"…the existence of the Jewish parasite upon the host is a crime against nature, because its existence imperils the health and the life of the host. Thus, everything that the Jew does in connection with this parasitic existence is a criminal act, and part of an overall criminal existence." (page 28)

"The Jews do not want anyone to know what Nazism is. Nazism is simply this – a proposal that the German people rid themselves of the parasitic Jews….And how futile it all was, because today, Jewish bankers own sixty per cent of German industry, and their holdings are protected by the occupation army of America." (page 32)

Early 1950s

"It is the Jewish Garden of Eden. Kikes to the right of me, kikes to the left of me, the work is done in an enchanting Israeli blue. . . and stocks of Yiddish propaganda. . . being gobbled up by. . . white school children. ... I suggest to anyone who is not anti-Semitic, that he visit the Jewnited Nations."

(from The Broom, a leading anti-Semitic publication of the period, in which Mullins recounted a visit he had made to the United Nations headquarters)