Tools and Strategies

Litigating Against Extremism

ADL’s new capacity to support municipalities, and others interested in using the law to deter harm and hold individuals and groups accountable for violent extremist actions.

As our democracy as well as vulnerable communities are increasingly at risk of extremist violence and threats, ADL has expanded its capacity to support municipalities, community organizations and others interested in learning more about how to use the law to deter harm and hold individuals and groups responsible for violent extremist actions. We are pleased to share an ADL resource with you, introduced in the fall of 2022, our Litigating Against Extremism toolkit, in connection with this effort.

This toolkit builds on ADL’s work as pro bono co-counsel, in partnership with the Office of the Attorney General in DC and other public interest and law firm partners representing the District of Columbia in a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers arising from the January 6, 2021 attack on our Capitol. It is intended for state and local officials interested in learning more about how civil litigation can be used as a tool to combat extremist threats.

The toolkit has three components:

  • FAQs that provide answers to some key questions regarding the availability and use of civil lawsuits to combat extremist acts
  • Examples of civil lawsuits used to combat hate and extremism
  • An information sheet on our Center on Extremism

ADL is available to provide briefings about extremist movements, ideologies and threats, as well as additional information about legal avenues of redress. Contact information is included in the toolkit. You can also email us at