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The Pyramid of Hate (Student Edition)

Pyramid of Hate Mini Lesson Image


For Students

About the Mini-Lesson

This mini-lesson will introduce you to the Pyramid of Hate, an ADL concept and activity that demonstrates how the seeds of bias, once planted, can grow quickly from biased ideas to discrimination and acts of violence.

ADL's mini-lessons for students are short, interactive, online lessons for you to learn about a core ADL topic, theme or activity. 


This self-paced mini-lesson will enable you to:

  • Explore and recognize the impact of different types of bias-based behavior across the Pyramid of Hate.
  • Strategize how to interrupt and challenge different types of bias-based behaviors.


15 minutes. Go at your own pace, pausing and resuming as needed.


Be sure you have audio capability to hear voice over explanations.