On October 27, 2018, gunshots were fired on three congregations inside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, murdering 11 people and devastating the close-knit community of Squirrel Hill. The attack took place during Shabbat morning services as the Tree of Life (or L'Simcha Congregation) along with New Light Congregation and Congregation Dor Hadash were worshipping. Inspired by antisemitic and anti-immigrant views, a white supremacist posted their bigoted thoughts on Gab, a site known as a haven for extremists, and then acted on their words, committing what is described as the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the U.S.

Since this horrific shooting, the Pittsburgh community has remained staunchly persistent in its commitment to fighting hate, including hosting the Eradicate Hate Summit two years in a row. We should follow their example in our own commitments to #EradicateHate and protect our communities from extremist violence. May the memory of the 11 people murdered in this attack be a blessing:

Joyce Fienberg, 75 
Richard Gottfried, 65 
Rose Mallinger, 97 
Jerry Rabinowitz, 66 
Cecil Rosenthal, 59 
David Rosenthal, 54 
Bernice Simon, 84 
Sylvan Simon, 86 
Daniel Stein, 71

What You Can Do

In memory of those who lost their lives in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, ADL encourages people from all walks to remember, reflect and take action. To honor those lost, we urge you to join the fight against hate. Whether you have a day, a few hours, or just a few minutes to dedicate, you can make a meaningful difference in your own community and beyond.

1. SUPPORT Pittsburgh and remember those lost by attending a memorial event in your community. 

2. VOLUNTEER with your favorite organization. 

3. SEND a message of solidarity by visiting the 10.27 Healing Partnership website. 

4. TALK to young people about the consequences of hate. (Here are ways you can talk with young people in the aftermath of hate and some educational resources to help them address and challenge antisemitism). 

5. LEARN how you can help stop the spread of hate online by reporting it directly to social media platforms using our Cyber Safety Action Guide

6. REPORT incidents of antisemitism to ADL and/or local law enforcement. 

7. MAKE a difference by reaching out to your local ADL office to learn how you can get involved.