White Supremacists Celebrate Trump’s Victory

  • by:
    • Jessica Reaves
  • November 10, 2016

Not surprisingly, an array of white supremacists, including those associated with the alt right, are celebrating Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election. These extremists are not just reveling in Trump’s victory, they feel they played a role in helping him achieve the highest office in the land.

Some, believing that they have been in the vanguard of promoting white interests, are rejoicing that whites working- and middle-class whites voted for Trump in large numbers. Others are focusing their rancor on Jews and the conservatives who opposed Trump. They have declared themselves winners in the election, along with Trump.

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, who runs The Daily Stormer website, often encouraged his supporters to troll journalists who opposed Trump during the campaign. After Trump’s victory, Anglin wrote a column entitled “We won.” He declared that the trolls’ work had paid off. He also asserted that they would continue to troll people, writing, “We will now move into the next phase of our Great Work. Tomorrow we troll.”

Anglin also directed his ire at both liberals and conservatives who did not support Trump. He avowed in a column directed at liberals that “this is now the era of revenge.” He wrote, “We beat you. We beat you badly.  And now that you are on the ground, we are going to keep kicking you in the head.” He adds that liberals should “probably just kill [them]selves.” Anglin also asserted that conservatives opposed to Trump will be tried for treason. He included in the list Paul Ryan, John McCain, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz.


Andrew Anglin

Richard Spencer, who heads the National Policy Institute, a tiny white supremacist think tank, also directed his anger at conservatives, particularly Bill Kristol, who founded The Weekly Standard, a conservative publication. In a tweet directed at Kristol, he wrote “The Alt Right will be gracious to genuine liberals and leftists. We will be ruthless and viscous [sic] with people like you.”

James Edwards, a white supremacist who runs “The Political Cesspool, a radio show based in Tennessee, wrote about Trump’s opponents, “I hope President Trump shows them no mercy. Don’t be magnanimous, Mr. President. Crush the defeated, especially those in the media, and Make America Great Again!”

Anti-Semites were also taking a victory lap and saw Trump’s victory as defeat of the Jews. Kevin MacDonald, a well-known anti-Semite and a retired professor, wrote that Trump’s win “is a victory of White people over the oligarchic hostile elites” (in other words, the Jews.) MacDonald added, “Trump’s victory is a blow to the entire Jewish power structure.

Former Klan leader and anti-Semite David Duke made a number of posts on Facebook and Twitter attacking Jewish figures and calling them “parasites.” Duke wrote on Facebook that Jewish philanthropist George Soros “must be tracked down” and stand trial for “crimes against humanity.” He also made a post against Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, writing, “This anti-American, anti-White, anti-Christian parasite promised to resign from the Supreme Court if Trump won->hand it over, traitor.” He also seemingly referred to Jews when he wrote, “You pieces of shit have demonized White Americans, you have demonized Christians, you have demonized our values… Donald Trump is the best thing that could have happened to you Marxist scum.”

“Marcus Cicero,” a pseudonym for a person writing for the neo-Nazi site Infostormer, posted a letter address toe “Christ-Killing Kikes.” He wrote, “No longer will you subvert, corrupt, and destroy, for the White man has risen from his slumber and he is mad…Last night we saw 1945 avenged and the fun has only just begun.”

Other white supremacists did not focus on the Jews but instead turned their attention to the future. Lawrence Murray, an alt right writer for The Right Stuff and other alt right sites, wrote, “We celebrate the year that White populism shattered the glass ceiling of identity politics in the postwar West.” He added, “We have a mandate form our folk for nationalism. The largest ethnic group in the West, the native peoples of Europe and their descendents [sic] in Greater Europe, is being recognized as an important political interest.” “

Jared Taylor, who runs the white supremacist American Renaissance website, posted a podcast on his site, “Whites Hand Trump a Great Victory.”  Taylor went on to say that “Ordinary Americans, overwhelmingly white Americans, proved they are not the obedient zombies our rulers wish we were. This was a vote for America as a distinct nation with a distinct people who deserve a government devoted to that people.”


Jared Taylor

Richard Spencer declared “We the Vanguard Now,” writing, “The Alt Right is deeply connected to Trumpian populism in intellectual, spiritual, and visceral ways—for, as everyone agrees, Trump’s victory was, at its root, a victory of identity politics.”

Colin Liddell, who runs the white supremacist site, Alternative Right, wrote, “With the election of Trump, America now has a chance―just a chance, mind you―of maintaining its cohesion (yes, that is code for "remaining a mainly White and civilized country").