Use these short online experiences to learn about core themes, topics or activities in 25 minutes or less. You can move at your own pace, pausing and resuming as needed.

Pyramid of Hate image

The Pyramid of Hate

Understand how hate can escalate when biased attitudes go unchecked. Use this mini-lesson to learn how to teach ADL's Pyramid of Hate to your students.

What is Bias Mini Lesson Image

What is Bias?

Where does bias come from? In this mini-lesson you will explore the differences between explicit and implicit bias and how to challenge it in our everyday lives.



What are microaggressions? This mini-lesson will help you to explore what microaggressions are, how they are experienced, and what can be done to address them.

Identity Iceberg Mini Lesson Image

Identity Iceberg

Recognize and understand the multiple dimensions and complexity of identity. Use this mini-lesson to learn how to challenge and avoid stereotypes and identity-based bias.

Front view of happy students standing in front of and holding American flag

What is Anti-Immigrant Bias?

Learn about the stereotypes that fuel anti-immigrant bias and how you can cultivate an inclusive classroom environment.

Middle school girl with books standing in front of a aBlack History display

Teaching the 4 I's of Oppression

This 25 minute mini-lesson introduces educators to the 4 I’s of Oppression framework and unpacks how oppression operates as a system.