Online hate creates untold damage. ADL leads the global fight against online hate, including online harassment, antisemitism, racism and extremist disinformation, to demand safer and more inclusive online spaces. We engage in research and advocacy while developing tech products to help combat online hate. ADL is also leading a multi-state campaign to fill gaps in criminal and civil law to hold perpetrators of unlawful cyber crimes and harassment accountable.

Our REPAIR Plan is a comprehensive framework to fight hate, harassment and bias online and to push extremism back to the fringes of the digital world.

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Recommend policy to platforms

We advise social media and online game platforms on ways to halt the spread of harmful content. We advocate for technology companies to enact robust community guidelines, enforce their policies at scale, aggressively respond to hate speech, transparently disclose their policies and enforcement and undergo independent audits and review, and make it easier for targets of hate and harassment to report abuse.

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Research and analyze trends

Our experts stay abreast of digital culture, producing cutting-edge reports on emerging technologies and communication, sharing recommendations to effect change. We survey Jewish Americans about their experiences online and off with antisemitism, track anti-transgender rhetoric online and investigate gaming culture and content moderation on Twitch. Finally, our annual report on online hate and harassment provides a reliable barometer of the online climate.

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Advocate for reform

We advocate for law and policy makers to increase platform accountability for their roles in spreading disinformation, hate and violence. Through advocacy, testimony and research we urge elected officials and tech platforms to:

  • Increase platform accountability for their role in the prevalence, virality and impact of online hate
  • Require platforms to share information about their products and policies
  • Protect users and support victims of online harassment.

Respond to online incidents

We support targets of harassment by responding to online incidents. When users submit reports of online harassment, we assess the situation and respond. We give users the tools and resources to flag and report content they are exposed to online and we escalate content when users face non-responses to their reports from social media companies.

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Prevent cyberbullying

As a leading provider of anti-bias training and resources, ADL helps schools develop a comprehensive approach to prevent and intervene against cyberbullying and online hate. We offer interactive workshops and assembly programs for students.

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ADL's REPAIR Plan offers a comprehensive framework for platforms and policymakers to take meaningful action to decrease online hate and extremism. REPAIR addresses many manifestations of online hate, including online harassment, antisemitism, racism, extremist disinformation and domestic terrorism.