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No Place for Hate® Activity Library

Welcome to the No Place for Hate Activity Library! No Place for Hate schools are regularly updating ways to engage school communities. We are always seeking new ideas and strategies.

To give schools some inspiration, we are excited to share this library of activities for elementary, middle and high schools. All of the activities qualify towards your No Place for Hate designation. They are all linked to one of our free online lesson plans and include a range of topics, interactive modalities and opportunities for discussion. All activities are pre-approved by ADL.

Please check back here regularly as we will add additional activities throughout the school year.


Elementary School Activities

Teacher in Class Reading to Students


Diversity and Children's Literature

Students discuss identity and the importance of diversity in children's literature.

Living and Playing with a Disability

Students reflect on what it means to live with a disability by watching and discussing the short film "The Present."

Actor Lonnie Chavis Poses in front of Walt Disney Wall

Walt Disney Television | CC BY-ND 2.0

Lonnie Chavis Shares His Experiences of Racism

Students will explore bias and racism through the perspective of This Is Us young actor Lonnie Chavis and reflect on ways to intervene.


Middle School Activities

Media Concept Smart TV


Representing Me: Diversity, Visibility and the Media

Students consider the importance of representation and visibility in entertainment.

Happy Children Standing Outside School


Student Dress Codes and Fairness

Students reflect on the controversy over school dress codes and the equity issues they raise.

The Courage to Leave

© Michela Buttignol

Using Art to Explore the Refugee Experience

Students learn about the refugee crisis and explore the refugee experience through art.

Preteen students using technology to cyber bully classmate


What Is Identity-Based Bullying?

Students explore identity-based bullying and how to act as an ally when they encounter it.


High School Activities

Junior high students talking on stairs


Bias in Our Everyday Lives

Students reflect on examples of everyday bias and the consider the impact it has on those in the targeted groups.

Asian female holding sign: No, where are you really from?

© Kiyun Kim, “Racial Microaggressions"


Students examine microaggressions, their underlying message and the impact they have on people.

Personal Identity through the Lens of the Holocaust: What Rights Are Most Important to Me?

Through the lens of the Holocaust, students will consider the rights that they have, and consider how losing those freedoms might impact their personal identities.

Propaganda and Media Literacy: The Holocaust as a Case Study

Using Nazi propaganda, students will examine both the intentions of the media they use and encounter and their own role in consuming media in today’s information-saturated world.

Swastika spray painted on door

What are Hate Symbols?

Students reflect on the power of symbols and learn about hate symbols present in society today.


K-12 Activities

In Concert Against Hate 2020 Honorees

In Concert Against Hate: Learning from Changemakers

Students will watch short video documentaries about three important changemakers and explore what it means to stand up to bias and injustice.

Books of the Month Collage

One Book, One School

All members of the school read and discuss a book together—one with the theme of bias, bullying, diversity or social justice.