Oregon Skinheads Arrested for Threatening African-Americans

August 18, 2005

Four racist skinheads have been arrested in Gresham, Oregon, for attempting to assault and threatening to kill three African-Americans at a convenience store.

William Phillip Henry, 29, Dennis Lloyd Mothersbaugh, 22, Christian Lee Coats, 25, and Ariane Elizabeth Celis, 22, were arrested by Gresham police on August 15, 2005, after they allegedly tried to incite a fight with three African-American men outside a 7-Eleven. All four reportedly told police they are skinheads; Celis has a swastika tattooed under her left eye.

According to authorities, the professed skinheads shouted racial slurs at the victims and threatened to kill them as they entered and exited the store. One of the accused allegedly wielded a machete. They also shouted white power slogans and gave Nazi salutes, according to witnesses. Before fleeing the scene, the group reportedly attempted to hit one of the victims with their vehicle.

Police said the foursome also scrawled racist graffiti on nearby buildings. At least three of them have criminal records. Mothersbaugh, who is being held for a parole violation related to prior drug charges, previously served a year in prison for his role in an attack against an African-American man in 2003.

All four are being held in Multnomah County Jail awaiting arraignment on charges of intimidation, attempted assault and menacing.