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Centering Youth Voices: Addressing Identity-Based Bullying

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As part of the Choose Kindness Project Initiative and in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign's Welcoming Schools, we present Centering Youth Voices: Addressing Identity-Based Bullying, a video with accompanying educational resources to help students, educators and families to discuss identity-based bullying and the impact it has on young people and schools.

Through their powerful voices, young people share their experiences with identity-based bullying and the impact it has on them and their school community. They share their thoughts and ideas about what educators and schools can do about this harmful behavior. They provide clear suggestions and strategies to address bias by encouraging authentic conversations about identity and bias, getting to the root causes, and implementing policies and practices to improve school culture.

By listening with empathy and hearing their lived experiences, educators can use the young people's ideas for change to make a positive impact in their own schools.


Watch the Video

9 min, 20 sec

Centering Youth Voices: Addressing Identity-Based Bullying

Delve Deeper

Use the discussion guide to delve deeper into the young people's stories and their proposed solutions for making their schools safe, inclusive and equitable for all.

About the Initiative

The Choose Kindness Project is teaming up with leading nonprofit organizations to champion intentional inclusion, bullying prevention and youth mental wellness by:

  • Preparing parents, coaches and other caring adults with the resources and guidance they need to help young people build the futures they imagine.
  • Inspiring a culture of inclusion, mental wellness and belonging so all young people feel safe to be themselves and allies to others.
  • Uplifting organizations with investments in research, collaborations and innovations in order to help them expand their reach and impact.
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