Tools and Strategies

Tips for Engaging and Disengaging on Social Media

Social media is a hotbed of antisemitism, anti-Israel hate, Holocaust denial, and conspiracy theories. We’ve put together some tips on how to engage and disengage in the fight against antisemitism online. Many young activists are working to combat the spread of this hate. Your voice matters! Help us share facts, show strength, and speak up.

Safety First

  • When engaging from your personal account, do not respond to hateful messages. You can block the individual and report them to the platform. As always, immediately report to law enforcement if you feel threatened.
  • Do not share your personal information.

Pick Your Battles

  • To reach more people with information about antisemitism and/or Israel, invest your time in commenting on accounts with more visibility so you can have a greater impact.
  • Consider how you’re contributing to a conversation — are you providing useful resources and sharing relevant information? Or are you being unproductive by commenting on random people’s ignorant Tik Toks? Engage in conversations when and where you are more likely to have an impact.
  • Don’t waste your time or energy on futile battles. Many “trolls” out there simply want to rile you up. Do not satisfy them by engaging.

Do Your Due Diligence

Engaging vs. Directing

  • Engaging in full-out brawls on social media is neither productive nor effective. Instead, direct others towards reliable and informative resources.
  • Counsel vs. Cancel – call out antisemitism rather than calling people antisemites.
    • If the person posting the antisemitic content is a friend or acquaintance, try reaching out via direct message. Tell them what they shared was inaccurate and offensive and offer to provide them with information.

Be Conscious of What You Share

  • Be aware of what you’re amplifying. When responding to antisemitic content, avoid sharing the post directly or tagging the poster – this may increase the post’s reach and engagement by driving people to the page.
  • Share a screenshot of the post instead.

Amplify Your Efforts 

  • Remember: You are not alone in this fight. Don’t feel as though you need to take this on by yourself.
  • There is power in numbers – leverage your community and work with others to spread your message.
    • If you’re on a college campus, work with your local Hillel.
    • Get friends or fellow activists to reshare your posts or help you amplify content from organizations like ADL.
    • See what community groups you can team up with to host Instagram Lives.

Self-Care Is Critical

  • Set boundaries so you don’t burn out. If you choose to be in this fight, we need you in it for the long haul. Be mindful of the impact that engaging on social media has on you.
  • It’s okay to step away and take a break from social media when you feel overwhelmed. Do not let this consume you.

Report Antisemitism When You See It