Children's Literature

Something Happened to My Dad: A Story About Immigration and Family Separation

Author(s) Ann HazzardVivianne Aponte Rivera
Illustrator(s) Gloria Félix
Age Group 5-8
Publisher Magination Press
ISBN 978-1433839443
Year 2022
Something Happened to my Dad

Carmen loves doing magic with her Papi. He can make sarapes fly. He can make rabbits vanish! But one day, her Papi vanishes. She is sad and scared when she learns he has been detained because he is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. At first, Carmen’s family keeps Papi’s detention a secret, fearing that they might be judged negatively. As Carmen's community becomes aware of their situation, they rally around her family with love. Carmen learns she can find strength in herself and maintain her connection with Papi, no matter what happens.

The book comes with extensive back matter about immigration and detention.

Something Happened to my Dad